Pushing Myself to the Top of Google



I did a search recently on a keyword combination for measuring my own website and it was interesting. My search phrase was "Virginia web design" and if you do a search phrase as well you will note that the number of websites that Google returns exceeds 44 million. Now I am not bragging my any means and there are many more people out there smarter than me that can hit the top ten. But regardless, I did hit the top ten for this search phrase "Virginia web design."


The promotional opportunity a website presents to a professional practice is virtually unprecedented. In striking contrast to other marketing vehicles, a website can achieve results that would previously have been cost prohibitive for a professional practice.


In order to rank well in Google's image search, it's a good idea to include one or more images in a webpage. However, this does not take away the fact that to ensure and retain visitors the page content has to be interesting and informative.