Search Engine Optimization for Wordpress - The 10 Commandments



I've done a lot of search engine optimization for wordpress in the last year or two and would like to share my experiences with what works, and what doesn't. Now I can't guarantee ALL of you first listing in Google or anything crazy like that, but I can guarantee, that if you follow my directions, you'll see more of your pages being indexed, and have better overall search engine placement. Heres our primordial post in this series, entitled - "The 10 commandments of Wordpress Search Engine Optimization". Enjoy.


Today I am going to discuss the Webmaster Toolkit. This site has a wealth of information which you can navigate by browsing the topics listed in the left hand sidebar on their web site. These cover topics like SEO tools, web utilities, domain tools, HTML tools and finally a list of resources.


LSI is impossible to explain in laymen's terms. Or is it? LSI has not been published as a "standard" but it is in effect with the Google search engine. LSI is a way to determine what your website content is about.