How To Make Dynamically Generated Title Tags That Are Indexed By Search Engines



This article is for those that wish to see many pages from their dynamic site with their own unique (yet dynamically generated) titles. Having titles like this will greatly increase the chance of Search Engines picking up and indexing these pages properly. Be forewarned that you must have at least an inclination towards programming to read any further.


This article describes the process of search engine optimization as one of the most effective tools in Internet marketing. It is cost effective and uses analytical skills to help websites in securing higher ranks on search engine result pages.


Optimizing your website or blog for search engines is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a webmasters. A properly SEO'ed website brings what your website needs most: traffic. Without traffic, your website is nothing more than a personal diary. Most importantly, if you're selling a service or product, without traffic you will see no sales.